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VL3 is an ultralight, aerodynamically directed, single-engined, low-wing airplane of classic design with fore-type retractable or fixed landing gear and with two pilot seats next to each other.

The plane has been certified according to regulation UL-2 of Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic for maximum take-off weight of 450 kg for the version without and 472,5 kg with a rescue system

JMB Aircraft Baltics is exclusive dealer of JMB Aircraft s.r.o. for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Main activities of the company are sales, service, consultations and rent of VL3 ultralight aircraft. Also JMB Aircraft Baltics is in partnership with the Flight School providing best in class ultralight planes for pilot training .


  • 19 December 2015

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World's fastest
side by side ul aircraft

Special aerodynamic characteristics and performance make this aircraft suitable for both recreational flight or tourist trips. With a cruising speed of 270 km/h, the aircraft is ideal for long-distance flights.